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Propecia 1mg or Propecia 5mg. Which one should I buy for treating hair loss?

When it comes to choosing the dosages between Propecia 1mg vs 5mg, it is purely based on the individual. As each of the dosages has its own potential benefits and is used for a specific condition. Your physician will choose the best dosage based on your baldness. This blog lets you understand about the effectiveness of the medication and how each of the dosage strength, both Propecia 5mg vs 1mg act individually in treating your hair loss condition, purchase the right one after consulting a physician. Taking your own dosage can cause severe side effects, and can end in permanent hair loss.

Comparison of Propecia 1mg and Propecia 5mg before buying

Basically Propecia 1 mg is being used for treating hair loss. On the other hand, Propecia 5mg is primarily used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or simply called as BPH. For your understanding, you need to know that both of these meds consist of the same ingredients, both active and inactive and that they differ only by their doses. Now, you might wonder whether you can buy Propecia 5mg to teat hair loss in a rather quick time due to its higher dosage capacity. The answer lies in two fold – a yes and also a no. Chances are that you can use Propecia 5mg for the treatment of hair loss but however, doing so will not in any way speed up the treatment of your male pattern baldness.

Buy finasteride based on the effectiveness of Propecia 1mg and Propecia 5mg

Propecia or finasteride was initially developed by Merck for treating enlarged prostate. But as the 5mg dosage of the Propecia entered the testing stages, there was a side effect reported. The side effect was however an advantage as it helped in treating a condition of hair loss called male pattern baldness. With this side effect, they found that 1mg of Propecia was indeed sufficient for treating male pattern baldness. Thereby, both of the dosage strengths of Propecia, finasteride 5 mg and finasteride 1 mg were approved by the food and drugs administration (FDA) for treating different conditions. Thus came finasteride 1mg for pattern baldness hair loss treatment and the finasteride 5mg for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Now since Propecia 5mg is used for BPH treatment, it does not mean that it cannot be used for the treatment of male pattern baldness altogether. One important truth is that many people have been buying 5mg Propecia for treating hair loss in an attempt to achieve a faster result. But, you also need to understand that this finasteride 5mg should not be consumed in just a gulp. It should be divided into four and taken for four days for treating hair loss. Propecia 1mg is known to be a highly effective hair loss medication, you can purchase it if you are prescribed for it.

I take Propecia 1mg, but also use Propecia 5mg occasionally

Now if you ask me what finasteride dosage I take, Propecia 1mg is my answer for treating my hair loss condition. But whenever I run on a tight budget, I buy Canadian pharmacy Propecia and take it after dividing into four doses. Remember Propecia 5mg will only work if you take in as four divided doses and taking it as a whole for hair loss will not accelerate your treatment. Some buyers prefer both Propecia 1mg and Propecia 5mg depending upon their medical condition.

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