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What is the price difference between propecia and finasteride? In what other ways do they differ?

If we observe the price difference between tablets of generic and brand Propecia, it is very high. The decision is really up to the customers whether they want to choose to take the brand Propecia or the generic finasteride. These both drugs have the same dosage and even have the same active ingredient present in them, but still the generic costs less than the brand Propecia finasteride.

Since the price difference is very high, it would not be possible for everyone to opt for a brand Propecia. This Propecia medication is which has to be taken for a longer period of time and in such cases the person has to spend more dollars on the drug if they choose brand Propecia. In such cases, the generic Propecia would help you to cut the cost of expense to a greater extent. Because of the higher difference in the price usually, some patients starts with the Propecia brand, but after a long time if they are comfortable with the price then its good, but if they feel that the price is quite high they can choose generic Propecia without any hesitation and doubts about the effects of this.

How does brand Propecia price differ from generic?

The Patent for propecia has expired few years back by US, later finasteride which is the generic version of brand became available from UK drugstores. Dr.Fox supplies the brand and generic medication from the drug manufacturer company Merck,which retained the prime patent, while other drug companies provide the generic Finasteride tablets at a lower cost because the generic medicine did not undergone any research and patents. The finance is low in manufacturing the generic medication than the brand.This is the reason for selling the generic Propecia best price in the market.

Some basic differences between generic and brand Propecia

If we see basically the two drugs, generic finasteride and the brand Propecia is containing the same key ingredient in Propecia which is 1 mg of finasteride in them. All the differences which arise between the drug generic finasteride and brand Propecia are present in their inactive ingredients that are present in the drug, these are the ingredients which actually binds up together to form the drug in the form of a tablet.
We see it in a theoretical way, there should not be any unique differences in results of the medication. But still, some patients have reported that basically, one drug gives better satisfactory results than the other drug, so some patients may feel comfortable while switching from the drug generic to name brand or do it in vice versa to feel that which medication better suits their body and gives them better results.

Availability and release of brand and generic Propecia in the market

The drug generic finasteride was first released in the January 2013 in the US market. Finasteride is the generic version of brand Propecia, which was already popular in the medical field.

The generic finasteride needs no marketing as well as research because these are done by the brand company. Due to the less investment, the generic version is a cheap Propecia which is available at extremely low cost. Both the brand and the generic variant of Propecia is available in the market. Based on your need, the Propecia can be chosen in its generic or brand form. You should have no worry because whether you take this Propecia drug in the brand variant or generic form, the effectiveness on your body is same. Consult your doctor about your health condition and start taking Propecia to treat baldness.

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