Propecia cause men to lose interest in alcohol

alcohol class with propecia pills boxIt  is a medicine that is used in the treatment of male pattern baldness which is medically termed as androgenetic alopecia. Many men have noted that they have developed lower level of tolerance towards alcohol after they begun taking Propecia, reports a science research. Some people also felt more anxious after drinking alcohol.

Not only this, they were able to recover little slower than usual from the effects of alcohol. The possible reason behind this could be that this drug interferes with the brain and reduces the ability of the brain to make hormones which are called as neurosteroids, which in turn are related to the longing of alcohol.

However, it is not certain why this drug has such effect on people’s drinking habit, yet it is a boon for people, particularly men to utilize the benefit the drug can yield, which is a dual benefit indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have innumerous questions related to Propecia, its administration and similar queries. We have put together, a series of frequently asked questions raised by various people. These answers can be of great help to you.

Advantages of buying Propecia in bulk

Many people prefer to purchase this drug in bulk. This is because the overall cost of the pills becomes little less when you procure them in higher quantities. You can purchase it  for a month’s supply and see how the drug acts in your body, after which you can proceed ahead to order bulk amounts of Propecia.

Is there a possibility for me to buy Propecia if I live in Canada?

You can absolutely buy the med even if you live in Canada and it is much cheaper there. You can buy Propecia for a rather lower price over Canadian pharmacies. These pharmacies are known to furnish high quality meds for economical prices so as to make everyone gain access to the medication at decent rates. Further, Canadian pharmacies are safe to use and they sell only genuine and FDA approved pills to the customers.

Does Propecia have any negative side effects?

One good thing about the medication is that it does not have many common side effects like other drugs do. However, it can result in swelling or tenderness of the breasts, skin rashes, headache, swelling of the hands or feet, runny nose etc.

Should I be on a diet while taking Propecia?

It can be taken irrespective of having had food or not. There is no such necessity or requirement to be on a diet while taking Propecia. Your doctor would advise you in detail regarding your dietary habits and what you should take or avoid.

When will my supply of Propecia arrive?

Once your order is completed, the supply would be shipped to your location at the earliest. You can track your order on the site where you have completed the transaction. No matter where you live in US, all orders will mostly be delivered on time. You will be able to see when your order was processed and dispatched.


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